The World Turned Upside Down: A Contemporary Response

Featuring artwork from the twentieth and twenty-first century, this re-installation features pieces from the Speed’s permanent collection that focus on the role of artists in marking societal and political change. From commemorating the advances of the 1960s civil rights moment, to memorializing wartime atrocities, to acknowledging the persistence of systemic racism in society, and exploring the ever-shifting politics of the domestic sphere, artists reflect our changing world back to us through the lens of creativity.

Through exploring how artists have interpreted transitions in their environment, community, and family like, this display highlights the invaluable role of artists in helping us absorb and understand how our world continues to evolve.

This re-installation of the collection is complemented by a related presentation of The World Turned Upside Down in Gallery 2, featuring artworks from the eighteenth and early nineteenth century.

Exhibition supported provided by:
Alan and Shelly Ann Kamei
Exhibition season support provided by:
Dav Fam Art Fund
Cary Brown and Steven E. Epstein
Paul and Deborah Chellgren
Debra and Ronald Murphy
Eleanor Bingham Miller