Sam Gilliam (1933 - 2022)

Sam Gilliam (1933 – 2022)

September 16, 2022 – Ongoing
Gallery 4

In honor of his recent passing, the museum has dedicated a gallery to displaying the works of the eminent abstractionist, Sam Gilliam. The installation, Sam Gilliam (1933 – 2022) is a celebration of his life and legacy as a Louisville-bred, world-renowned figure in modern and contemporary art. Gilliam transgressed boundaries, rejected convention and in the process taught us all how to see and think about art and life in new and more challenging ways. Featuring five career-spanning examples of Gilliam’s work from the museum’s permanent collection, the installation highlights Gilliam’s groundbreaking explorations of intense color, improvisational techniques, and geometric elements that meld painting with sculptural form.

Click here to read the full press release about Gilliam’s life, works, and connection to the Speed.