The Mountain Man, designed 1903, cast about 1907–1909
Frederic Remington (American, 1861–1909)
Gift of Mrs. Henry Fitzhugh, Jr. 1983.13

How much will it cost? $3,500


We’d love to install this sculpture in the galleries! Unfortunately, it’s not looking as good as it could…and should. There is a thick, black coating over the entire surface of the bronze. Testing revealed it to be pigmented wax, but it causes a matte, unsaturated appearance, resulting in loss of much of the detail on the original design. This wax coating was probably applied at one time to improve the appearance of a worn or abraded patina. Cleaning tests revealed a greenish-black patina in one area, and a warm brown patina in another location. Other areas have a copper-bronze appearance. A thin layer of dust and greasy grime clings to the entire surface of the sculpture.

A comprehensive treatment includes the removal of this discolored, aged wax coating. The conservators will confer with the curator regarding the desired appearance. A thin, protective wax coating will be applied, which could possibly include a wash of color, if it’s determined to be necessary in order to resolve old areas of abrasion.