Study for the Head of Lazarus
Elihu Vedder (French 1836-1923)
Oil on artist board/panel
Gift of Mrs. Hattie Bishop Speed 1942.384

How much will it cost? $2,200


This small study for a larger composition was brought out for the reopening of the museum. It was reframed, but it still could look a lot better. Tests indicate that cleaning will be dramatic; whites will be significantly whiter, the gray sky will be blue, and reds, oranges, and browns will be brighter and have more depth.

Given that fact that this is a study, there was never any varnish applied to the surface. Heavy grime deposits coat the entire painting, resulting in a dull, matte surface sheen. The dirt, dust, and grease will be removed, and the surface will be inpainted, if necessary. The painting will be resecured in its new frame and rehung in the galleries, giving this great little painting a new lease on life.