Chalice and Paten, 1720
Gotthard Unterhuber (German, 1688–1728)
Silver gilt, enamel, and precious stones
Museum purchase, Preston Pope Satterwhite Fund 1966.35 a,b

How much will it cost? $3,200


This lovely gilded silver chalice and paten features precious gemstones and enamel miniatures inset throughout. Unfortunately, the object has suffered over the centuries from abrasion, scratches, flaking and coating loss. A layer of dust and grime are present, and worse, some of the enamels have come loose. Treatment will ensure that the gems are properly stabilized. There is a coating covering the metal that is starting to break down with age, as well as an uneven layer of tarnish that will need to be corrected. Given the proper attention in the lab, we’re confident that this chalice can be restored to its former magnificence.