Frame on Madonna and Child, about 1500 by Pseudo Granacci (Italian, active about 1490–1525)
Wood, compo, gesso, gold leaf
Museum purchase, Preston Pope Satterwhite Fund 1972.35

How much will it cost? $4,000


While the museum was closed for renovation, we were lucky enough to have this Madonna and Child treated and restored by a conservator who specialized in panel paintings. Now, we want to send the frame to an objects conservator, who will be able to restore and improve the overall appearance of this circular, carved-wood period frame. Major treatment is required; there are scattered areas of abrasion, with scratches and wear along the gilded surface. Numerous drying cracks are present throughout, with visually distracting areas of lifting gesso and gilding loss. There are large areas of cracking, creating gaps. Numerous areas of past attempts to repair the frame are now revealing themselves with age; excessive adhesive and discolored overpaint are present. A layer of dirt and grime doesn’t help matters any.

The conservator will stabilize areas of active flaking, reverse old repairs and remove excess overpaint. Areas of loss and cracking will be filled, in order to lessen the appearance of wear.