Guidelines for Guests

The artworks in the Speed Art Museum collection have been around for many centuries, and some of them even date to the last millennium! To help us preserve our collection for 1,000 more years, we ask you to follow the Museum guidelines listed below. By taking these precautions, we can ensure that guests to the Speed will always be able to enjoy our collection.


To help us protect and preserve our collection for the enjoyment of all Speed guests, please follow our general rules of Museum conduct.

While visiting the galleries please do not touch or point closely to any art or lean on cases or walls; the smallest touch can irreparably harm the works.

Please maintain a standing distance of 2-3 feet, approximately an arm’s length, between yourself and any work on display.  As you visit the galleries, please be aware of your proximity to each work you pass, and keep all carried items (bags, unworn coats, etc.) from touching the art – remember the closest artwork might be behind you.  Please do not cross any barriers in front of or surrounding artwork, such as tape lines or rope stanchions. Open flames of any kind are prohibited.

Considerate behavior is expected of all guests. Guests are expected to follow the reasonable directions or instructions from Museum personnel. Any individual or group whose behavior is disruptive may be asked to leave.

Due to COVID-19 limitations, the Speed Art Museum’s coat check rooms is temporarily restricted.

All bags larger than 17” x 13” x 6″ are not permitted in the Museum unless they are required for essential medical equipment, or for use in nursing or childcare. Please notify Guest Relations staff upon entry if you have these needs. To protect the collection, backpacks must be worn on the front, under one arm, or carried in hand by your side.

All bags and parcels brough into the Museum are subject to search. We ask guests to review all guidelines and understand what items are prohibited before arriving to avoid delays.

The Museum is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Strollers are welcome, and if needed you may borrow one of ours while you are enjoying the Museum. Smaller, front-facing child carriers can be worn in the Museum. For the safety of children and the art, large-framed child carriers and child carriers worn on your back are not permitted in the galleries.

Complimentary indoor wheelchairs are available at our coat check. For specific needs please contact Guest Relations. (click here for the Museum accessibility page)

Wagons are not permitted in the galleries.

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or other adult at all times. Children may not be carried on shoulders for their own safety and the protection of works of art.

Service animals, as defined by the ADA, are welcome. They must be under the handler’s control while in the Museum.

Pets are not permitted in the Speed Art Museum.

Please check your umbrellas with Guest Relations; they are not permitted to be carried through the Museum.