Teal Table Talks

The Speed Art Museum “Teal Table Talks” are inspired by Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk show.

These events will bring strangers together to have candid conversations about their experiences and issues that have affected our community over the past year. The goal is to create a space for community members to come together to have organic conversations. Teal Table Talks will take place in small sessions facilitated by Dr. Steven Kniffley and Chandra Irvin with additional facilitators from Spalding University.

Teal Table Talks will take place in the Grand Hall of the Speed Art Museum.

Participation includes admission to Promise, Witness, Remembrance one hour before your session begins, and participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their experience afterwards. 


May 23, 2 pm 

May 23, 3 pm

June 6, 2 pm