Speed Inspired: Other Ways

The arts provide the opportunities for inspiration, reflection, and connection needed now more than ever.

The Speed Inspired series invites local actors, creative writers, dancers, musicians, poets, visual artists, and creatives of all kinds to produce an original work in response to artworks from the Speed’s permanent collection. 


Erika Holmquist-Wall, Mary & Barry Bingham Sr., Curator of European & American Painting & Sculpture

Yves Tanguy was a leading figure associated with the Surrealist movement in France. The Surrealists, whose work could be found in art, literature, poetry, and theater, sought to access the human subconscious and dream states for inspiration – and source material for creative expression. Tanguy’s mysterious and alien landscapes, populated with odd forms that somehow manage to be organic and geometric, are designed to transport the viewer into an altered reality.

I think this response piece would have delighted Tanguy; his visionary landscape is brought to life through music and dance. Being able to digitally enter the picture plane offers an exciting opportunity for a deeper exploration of the artist’s work, which is already about accessing the inaccessible


Todd Hildreth, Jazz and improvisational musician, professor at Bellarmine University, and long-time Louisvillian. FULL BIO HERE

Dancer: Ashley Thursby Kern
Video editing: Dan Bryan