Speed Inspired: Other Ways

The arts provide the opportunities for inspiration, reflection, and connection needed now more than ever.

The Speed Inspired series invites local actors, creative writers, dancers, musicians, poets, visual artists, and creatives of all kinds to produce an original work in response to artworks from the Speed’s permanent collection. 


Erika Holmquist-Wall, Mary & Barry Bingham Sr., Curator of European & American Painting & Sculpture

I am absolutely delighted that Yves Tanguy’s painting has inspired so many artists and writers in the community! This is what “Speed Inspired” is all about – lifting up the multiplicity of viewpoints, and sharing the endlessly creative takes that can flow from a single object.

I’d like to think that Tanguy would have been a big Brian Eno fan, and Patrick Hume’s reference to Eno’s “Music for Airports” is a great point of entry into this painting. The Surrealists were interested in accessing other worlds through other ways (see what I did there?), and the concepts of perceived space and simultaneity were “driving forces behind the Surrealist aesthetic” as a classical art historical text on the movement asserts. Tip: Listen to Patrick Hume’s piece, then go read about Blaise Cendrars, Surrealism, and Brian Eno. It’s a thread pulled right through twentieth century modernism – and into post-modernism. Thanks, Patrick, for taking us there!


Patrick Hume, composer, musician, and producer based in Louisville, KY.