Art Detectives



Art Detectives brings art from the Speed’s education collection into area schools to encourage curiosity and foster meaningful engagement with art. The program aims to develop three main skills:

      Observation – Students increase their observation skills by looking closely at original works of art
      Collaboration – Students work together in small groups to see what they can deduce about a given object
      Problem Solving – Like a detective, students deduce the purpose, material, and creator of a given object


Funding Support for Title 1 Schools
Title I schools may book one day free of charge- up to 4 class visits!  Additional class visits may be purchased at a discounted rate.  Please contact us for details at 


Regional and Private School Rates (valid through May 2020):
1 class visit – $200
2-4 class visits – $400
5-6 class visits – $500
7-9 class visits – $700

Need additional funding to cover the cost of your Art Detectives experience? Fund for the Arts provides several options for schools and community centers located in Kentucky. Find more information and applications here.


How to Sign Up
The program must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance by submitting an Art Detectives Request Form.


Choose the Right Crate for Your Classroom!

K – 2nd Grade:             Who We Are + What We Make

                                    Discover Africa



3rd – 8th Grade:            Who We Are + What We Make

                                    Discover Africa

                                    Discover Europe

                                    Discover Kentucky

                                    Discover Native American Cultures



9th – 12th Grade:          Exhibition Design


Art Detectives Crate Descriptions

Who We Are + What We Make: How do works of art tell the stories of our lives? Explore how art is all around us—in both extraordinary and ordinary objects. Representing a variety of times and cultures, this collection provides a glimpse into everyday lives that might not be so different from our own.

Discover Africa: Visit a rich, diverse continent and the people who call it home. Get to know the Kuba people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo particularly well as you explore works of art that range from ceremonial to functional to expressive.

Discover Kentucky: Hold history in your hands and come to know the Bluegrass State in a brand-new way. These cultural objects represent the diversity, craftsmanship, and talent that characterize this place we call home.

Discover Native American Cultures: Comprised of tools, clothing, toys, photographs, and more—and curated from regions across the United States—these works of art reflect a variety of Native American experiences.

Discover Europe: Travel across the Atlantic and back through time as you learn more about fascinating art processes, important historical moments, and compelling stories within a collection of two- and three-dimensional works.

STEAM: Consider obsolete technological artifacts as functional works of art. After exploring the objects, students work in teams to design a prototype for the future based on their observations of design from the past.

Exhibition Design: What does it take to design an exhibition? High school students will act as curators, educators, and exhibition designers as they analyze and explore this collection of artworks. Working in teams, they will conceptualize a new exhibition.


Additional Resources
Pre- and post-visit activities extend the Art Detectives school visit program and connect it to learning in visual arts, language arts and social studies classes. All lessons support Common Core Curriculum.

Art Detectives Pre- and Post-Visit Materials
Art Detectives Crate Information Sheets – coming soon!


All K-12 students that participate in Art Detectives tour will receive a Family Voucher, allowing them to visit with their family free of charge on any day the Speed is open.

Support for Art Detectives in Muhlenberg County is provided by the Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation

Support for Art Detectives in Nelson County is provided by Heaven Hill

Thanks to LG&E and Kentucky Utilities for their support of Art Detectives initiatives across the state.