Coloring Pages

Put your own spin on a work from the Speed’s collection using one of our coloring pages! Print out or digitally color some of our favorite artworks from the Speed.

Marsden Harley, Maritime Alps, Vence, No. 9: PDF or JPG

Claude Monet, The Church at Varengeville, Grey Weather: PDF or JPG 

Yves Tanguy, Other Ways: PDF or JPG

Alexi Jawlensky, Abstract Head: Autumn and Dying: PDF or JPG

Olaf Rude, Interior with Woman in Red Dress: PDF or JPG 

Adelsteen Normann, The Sognefjord, Norway: PDF or JPG

Aurelius O. Revenaugh, Still Life with Wine Bottle, Glass and an Issue of the Louisville Times: PDF or JPG

Luigi Lucioni, The Leaning Silo: PDF or JPG

Tony Cragg, New Figuration: PDF | JPG

“It’s going to be ok” Speed: PDF or JPG

“Stay home, make art” Speed: PDF or JPG

“We’re going to make it together” Speed: PDF or JPG