The Places We Go

What makes our community special? What do we love about the places we visit? Why do we enjoy living here?

The artwork in this exhibition shares responses to these questions from twelve young artists from Family Scholar House. A strong example of the philanthropic spirit in Louisville, Family Scholar House provides support services to the families of single parents pursing college degrees with the aim of ending the cycle of poverty through education. The six- to nine year-old artists featured in this exhibition reflected on their communities—both at Family Scholar House and in Louisville—as they contemplated what key components make a place feel like home. The resulting artworks give a glimpse into the minds of these young citizens and future leaders. From essential services, such as hospitals and police stations to recreational spaces like museums and parks, this collaborative vision illustrates the significant places in our community for these young artists.

Through the Community Connections program, the Speed Art Museum seeks to build and sustain extended relationships with local partner organizations through engaging and creative programming.