Jacob Duck
Dutch, 1600 ‑ 1667
Interior of a Stable with Figures, about 1635 ‑ 1640
Oil on panel
21 1/8 × 34 in. (53.7 × 86.4 cm.)
Museum purchase, Preston Pope Satterwhite Fund  1965.18

What’s Your Reaction?
In this picture, we see a group of men in a stable— who are certainly not farmers. The large banners at the left and the armor at the right indicate their profession as soldiers. Take a closer look at what is happening here: a small group of men are in the process of donning their gear and preparing to report for duty. Their diligence and industriousness can be directly contrasted with the soldier on the left, who appears to be distracted by the charms of a female visitor. Why do you think this painting was made? Who do you think was the audience for this painting?