We are very excited to share this new program with you! As curators, part of our role is to present the art in the Speed’s permanent collection to the public in the best possible manner. The restoration and conservation of the artworks in our collection is an ever-present concern. In a recent assessment of the permanent collection, we have identified a number of objects that require assistance. We’ve developed the “Adopt an Artwork” program as a way for our supporters to participate in the process of restoration.

On this site, you’ll find the candidates up for “adoption”. There is something for everyone—from medieval reliquaries to Impressionist paintings to contemporary sculpture.

As part of the adoption process, you’ll receive the following:

  • A short dossier on the work you have chosen.
  • An opportunity to discuss with the curator the issues surrounding the object, why it needs repair or restoration, and the conservation process. Questions are encouraged!
  • A color photo of the sponsor with the adopted object installed in the gallery.
  • A credit line on the gallery label giving recognition to the adoptive sponsor, good for five years.

As a valued supporter of the Speed Art Museum, we thank you in advance for your commitment to preserving the collection!

Erika, Scott, Kim, Tyler, and fari.

Adopting an artwork is a very easy process. Once you have selected the artwork you would like to adopt, the hard part is over!

You don’t have to adopt an artwork all on your own, either. You and your friends, family, company, or other interested parties, can jointly adopt an artwork. Just let us know!

Here is the step-by-step process of Adopt an Artwork:

  1. Choose the object that you would like to adopt.
  2. Contact Tierra Deacon via email or at 502.634.2745 and tell her which artwork you’ve chosen.
  3. Decide whether you would like to be credited—Anonymous? Your name(s)? In honor of someone?
  4. We will then send you a dossier packet on your selected artwork. This includes the condition report and treatment proposal, color prints of the work in its current “before” state, and relevant background information on the object.
  5. Your adopted artwork will then be sent to a regional conservation laboratory for treatment (unfortunately, we cannot treat artwork on-site). The curator will check in with you with an update on the restoration process.
  6. When the work is complete, you will be sent an invoice along with the treatment report and an offer for a private viewing and photo shoot, if you’d like, with the artwork when it returns to the galleries.
  7. Send your payment for the treatment to Hannah, and we will send you photographs of your cleaned, adopted artwork, along with a formal acknowledgment of your tax-deductible contribution.

If you have questions, please call the Curatorial Department at 502.634.2745, and we’ll be happy to help.

Our thanks and acknowledgments to:

Midwest Art Conservation Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Galloway Art Conservation, Cleveland, Ohio

McKay Lodge Fine Art Conservation Laboratory

Jamison Art Conservation