Sunday Showcase: Day of a Stranger

Join us in-person at the Speed Cinema! Sunday Showcase screenings are free and un-ticketed.

Sunday Showcase

Day of a Stranger
Directed by Cassidy Hall

Sunday, July 18. 1 pm


Day of a Stranger is an intimate portrait of world-renown mystic and author, Thomas Merton, during his final years living in solitude from 1965 until his shocking death in 1968. As a Trappist Monk, Merton became a prolific writer and was in dialogue with some of the twentieth century’s most influential figures, luminaries such as D.T. Suzuki, Rachel Carson, Henry Miller, Thich Nhat Hanh, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Dorothy Day.

Interweaving meditative images of his hermitage nestled deep in the woods of Kentucky and rare audio recordings he made in isolation; the film pieces together a glimpse into the consciousness of one of the twentieth century’s most brilliant minds as he reflects on his involvement with the Civil Rights Movement. 2021, U.S., DCP, 31 minutes. Recommended for 12+

CINEMA+ Followed by a pre-recorded post-screening interview with director Cassidy Hall.