Serenade for Haiti

Directed by Owsley Brown

Wednesday, November 15, 7 pm
director in person

Friday, November 17, 7 pm

Saturday, November 18, 3 pm

Saturday, November 18, 7 pm

Sunday, November 19, 3 pm

Serenade is a bittersweet reminder of Haiti’s pride and promise before the disaster.” —Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald

Filmed over a seven-year period in Haiti, this documentary celebrates the perseverance of its young people in light of adversity, particularly through the story of the students and faculty of the Sainte Trinité Music School.

When a catastrophic earthquake completely destroys the school in 2010, a stunned school community must sort through the rubble and find a way to adapt. Devotion to each other and the possibilities that music instills in them inspires their drive to pick up their instruments and play on.

Journeying into Haiti’s diverse rural region as well as the streets of Port-au-Prince before and after the earthquake, the film shares a history of resilience in this widely misunderstood country. The soundtrack features the stunning music of Haiti’s great composers who until this time have been largely unknown to international audiences. 2016, U.S., DCP, in Haitian Creole and French with English subtitles, 70 minutes.

Co-presented with the Louisville Film Society’s Flyover Film Festival. Check for other co-presentations on Wednesday, July 26 and Thursday, July 27.

Director in person with special guests.