Free Owsley Sunday Film: Rififi

2017 French Film Festival
In conjunction with the University of Louisvilleā€™s annual French Film Festival, the Speed will offer free screenings of four classic French films in February.

Rififi (Du rififi chez les hommes)
Directed by Jules Dassin

Sunday, February 5, 12:30 pm

Free. First come, first served.

After being blacklisted in Hollywood at the peak of the McCarthy era, American director Jules Dassin ventured to France where he would direct one of the greatest heist films of all time. Following four ex-cons living in Paris, this caper tracks the gang as they craft a plan for the greatest robbery of their lives.

A tense, brutal, and oftentimes darkly funny crime thriller, Rififi is revered for its climactic robbery, a masterful half-hour sequence with nearly no dialogue or music which would define the heist genre for years to come and earn Dassin the Best Director prize at Cannes. 1955, France, DCP, in English, Italian, and French with English subtitles, 118 minutes. Recommended for 13+.

Introduced by John Greene, Professor of French, UofL.

Additional support provided by Liberal Studies, UofL.