Speed Contemporary


Speed Contemporary is a Collector Group offering members a unique opportunity to encounter and learn about the dynamics of provocative contemporary art in an informative and welcoming environment. As well as supporting the acquisition of art works for the Speed’s collection, Speed Contemporary also opens doors to top-notch private collections, artists’ studios, and the expertise of art professionals.

Members of the Speed Contemporary Collector Group are invited to join Curator of Contemporary Art on trips throughout the United States, as well as art fairs and other educational events. Whether you are already a passionate collector or simply have an interest in contemporary art, Speed Contemporary offers a chance to engage with and enjoy art that is being created in our lifetime!

For tax purposes, membership to Speed Contemporary is fully tax deductible except for $150.

Speed Contemporary members enjoy:

  • Exclusive participation in acquiring new works of art for the Speed’s permanent collection
  • Access to distinctive national trips that combine visits to museums, architectural sites, galleries, private collections, and artists’ studios
  • Invitations to lectures and special presentations given by the Curator of Contemporary Art and special guest speakers
  • Invitation to the annual Speed Contemporary Dinner

Questions? Contact Major Gifts Officer, Eska Koester at ekoester@speedmuseum.org for more information.