From City to Country: Nineteenth-Century French Prints

Dates: August 6 – January 2, 2016

This exhibition features the works of two artists, Maxime Lalanne and Adolphe Appian, whose urban and rural views reflect a taste for landscape etching popular in France during the later 1800s. Not only do their landscapes exhibit a renewed interest in naturalism, but they also document changes to the urban landscape and shifting attitudes toward the native French countryside.

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Teatime Chic: Ceramics 1900-1960

March 6 – July 25, 2015

From bold and colorful to white and austere, the tea and coffee services displayed in Teatime Chic illustrate changing definitions of "modern" over the course of sixty years. The pieces proclaimed their owners' modern sensibilities to those who joined them at the table.

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Discovering the Earth

August 1 – October 25, 2014

With seventeen examples of traditional African pottery spanning from Nigeria to South Africa, Discovering the Earth explored the techniques used to produce these timeless forms, how the objects were used and the significance they held in society. This exhibition marked the first time that many of these objects, all from the Speed’s collection, will be on view to the public.

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Art of the Streets: The French Poster, 1880-1930

April 4 – July 19, 2014

This exhibit featured intimate versions of well-known prints by master printmakers such as Jules Chéret, Henrí Toulouse-Lautrec, and others, displaying the dazzling heights of the French poster. Rarely shown, the prints were donated to the Speed in 1949 as a gift from the French Gratitude Train — 49 boxcars filled with gifts sent to Americans in appreciation for supplies given to France and Italy following World War II.

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