School Tours

Museum Field Trips are back with limited availability at this time. Teachers are invited to schedule a Docent or self-guided tour of the Speed for the current school year. If you prefer a virtual option, a variety of asynchronous experiences are available. Scroll down for additional information or visit our Virtual Programs website.


General Information:
– Wednesday through Friday, beginning at 10 am
– Cost: $5 per student, free for Title 1 students

– Teachers and chaperones are free (one chaperone per ten students is required; additional chaperones are $10 each)
– A minimum of 10 students is required for a docent-guided tour
– We can accommodate 60 students per tour, per hour. Groups larger than 60 students must book a two-hour visit.
– A docent-guided tour can be combined with self-guided time in the Museum.
– Cost during Special Exhibitions: $8 per student, free for Title 1 students (additional chaperones are $14 each)
– Reservations are required at least three weeks in advance for both guided and self-guided tours
– Questions about School Tours? Please contact us at 
– Register!

Fund for the Arts also provides several options for schools and community centers located in Kentucky. Find more information and applications here.

Grades Pre-K – 2: Making Friends
Tour: 1 hour
Capacity: 60 students per hour

Find new friends in works of art! As our youngest visitors explore the galleries on this dynamic tour, they’ll discover both familiar faces and people they’d like to meet in works ranging from the ancient to the contemporary. Designed to stoke creative thinking and inspire collaboration, students will also explore elements of art like color, line, and shape.

Grades 3 – 5: Where in the World?
Tour: 1 hour
Capacity: 60 students per hour

Pack your bags, grab a friend, and get ready for an around-the-world adventure! On this interactive tour, students will travel the galleries and explore the relationship between works of art that span the globe. Through writing, drawing, and movement activities—as well as a special “passport” they’ll fill up along the way—students will come to better understand the fascinating differences and beautiful similarities between works of art from far-away places.

Grades 6 – 8: Museum Mysteries
Tour: 1 hour
Capacity: 60 students per hour

Why do the eyes in that portrait seem to follow you? What do those symbols on the sculpture mean? Just what is that creature in the center of the painting? Join us on a tour where we learn to stop, look closely, and unravel mysteries that the average visitor might not solve! Middle school students will explore unusual works from across the world with an eye toward what qualities make those pieces so unique. As they work closely with their peers and engage in interactive gallery activities, students will also examine principles like proportion, texture, and dimension to understand various artists’ unconventional choices.  

Grades 9 – 12: Changing Perspectives
Tour: 1 hour
Capacity: 60 students per hour

Our lives can change quickly: one day we might wake up to find that things suddenly look different. On this tour designed specifically for high school students, we’ll look at the way art has changed over time, the way our perspectives can shift when it comes to art, and the way art changes us. A diverse group of works will fuel our inquiry: students will explore everything from how the Speed’s architecture has evolved to how the Kentucky gallery portrays our ever-changing home to the way artistic movements respond to one another. Using their creativity, critical thinking, and close-looking skills, students will also examine their personal responses to art, asking themselves why they feel the way they do about a piece…and what might change their minds.

Grades 5 – 8: Picking Up STEAM
Tour: 1 hour
Optional Hands-On Art Making: 1 hour
Capacity: 60 students per day

Discover how art can be used to explore concepts related to science, technology, engineering, and math. On this tour, students will have an opportunity to analyze ancient feats of engineering, predict the weather based on a painting, discover the science of mixing pigments, and more, all while making connections to artworks in the Speed’s collection. Students will also work collaboratively, both in the galleries and in the art-making studio, to develop their critical and creative thinking skills.


Through February 19, 2023 – Current Speed: Sky Hopinka 

Through February 26, 2023 – Sam Gilliam (1993 – 2022)

Fund for the Arts also provides several options for schools and community centers located in Kentucky. Find more information and applications here.