Community Connections: Louisville's Iconic Figures and Landscapes

Louisville’s Iconic Figures and Landscapes

Opened October 2020

To assist in the preservation of Louisville’s rich history, participants in this Community Connections project explored some of Louisville’s most impactful, yet sparsely known, iconic people and places. Inspired by the artistry of Andy Warhol—on view April 2020 at the Speed in Andy Warhol: Revelation – this exhibition seeks to immortalize the lives, history and memories of Louisville’s Iconic Figures & Landmarks.

This 8-week public printmaking workshop brought together community members from across the city. Printmaker, Rudy Salgado Jr. led participants in learning how to create art using only four colors: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). Participants were provided a list of iconic figures and landmarks and then asked to select a person or place that resonated with them. In the likeness of Warhol, the participants found ways in which they could create artworks that allowed for their iconic person or place to be easily identified, but to also capture the viewer’s attention through the use of bright and bold color choices. Warhol is best known for taking mundane images of celebrities and ordinary objects and converted them into Pop Art masterpieces through his creative process.

Through the Community Connections program, the Speed Art Museum seeks to positively impact our community by creating artistic platforms that amplify the voice of individuals and groups that have been largely unheard. We do this by strengthening our connection with others by building reciprocal relationships based on shared understanding & compassion. This program was funded by a grant from Aroha Philanthropies’ Seeding Vitality in the Arts initiative