The Sermon of an Apostle, 1758
Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian, 1691-1765)
Oil on canvas
Bequest of Alice Speed Stoll 1998.6.8

How much will it cost? $3,500


Let’s make this Panini look as good as its neighbor in the gallery! A disfiguring, cloudy haze is the result of indoor air pollution, known as amine deposits. Fortunately, there is no grime or dirt on the surface of this painting, and cleaning tests revealed that the haze can be successfully and safely removed. Additional varnish will be applied as necessary, but this will be a very minimal treatment, overall. There are some areas of abrasion in the sky, where the red ground is revealed through the thin layer of paint. These areas will be selectively toned and carefully adjusted to improve the overall appearance of the picture.