Portrait of Henry Clay (1777–1852), about 1850
Edward Dalton Marchant (American, 1806–1887)
Oil on canvas
Purchase, Mrs. Eliza J. Bohon Fund and Museum Art Fund 1959.3

How much will it cost? $4,500


One of the most dignified statesmen in our state is looking certainly less so, these days. A layer of thin varnish coating the surface of painting is far too old, making for a splotchy and uneven overall appearance. There is a significant grime layer on the surface, further diminishing any sense of color saturation.

The surface grime and aged varnish will be removed, and all losses and areas of abrasion will be carefully inpainted. A new layer of stable varnish will be applied, which will maximize color saturation: his Honor’s cheeks will be a little pinker, his suit a lot fresher, and his collar will be much whiter. There will be a moderate to major improvement in the appearance of this painting.