Landscape, 1878
Carl C. Brenner (American, 1838-1888)
Oil on canvas
From the Noe Collection, Gift of Bob and Norma Noe, Lancaster, Kentucky 2011.9.3

How much will it cost? $3,500


This old Kentucky home requires structural and cosmetic treatment. Major improvement is anticipated, once restoration is complete.  The canvas is unlined, making it extremely fragile. Over the years the weight of the canvas has made the painting slack. Both of the lower corners have prominent “draws”, rippling the canvas. The painting will likely need to have its edges strip-lined, reattached and humidified, in order to relax the deformations. The canvas will then be properly tensioned, creating a smooth, even surface.

There are significant grime deposits coating the surface of the painting, and the varnish layer is thin, if nonexistent. Color saturation is extremely poor, rending the scene flat in appearance, and reducing any sense of depth. The conservator will remove the grime and dirt layers, carefully inpaint any losses, then a new, thin coat of varnish will be applied to protect the painting and improve the color saturation.