Friendship Quilt
Made by Fanny Owen Woolfolk
American, Kentucky, Louisville, about 1878
Silk, red cotton lining
Gift of Mrs. George R. Bickel


Around 1878, almost 100 friends and relatives of Fanny Owen Woolfolk and her husband, Leander Woolfolk, embroidered their names into this beautiful silk quilt. Fanny and Leander, both of Louisville, married in 1877. Perhaps this quilt was made to commemorate their union. Along with its many embroidered names, the quilt also tricks the eye with its kaleidoscope of colors and contrasts between light and dark. Unfortunately, we can’t share this quilt with our guests because many of its silk pieces are splitting apart. Help us get it back into shape! With your support, some careful stitching, and the use of a special adhesive, we can repair the quilt, honor Fanny and Leander, and get it on view in our Kentucky Gallery where it belongs!