Frame on Going to the Well by William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Wood, compo, gesso, bole, gold leaf

How much will it cost? $11,000


Sadly, this painting is unexhibitable in its current condition. The frame has suffered massive damage, with entire ornaments missing. The loss is extensive and disfiguring throughout. Some of the losses have been previously repaired: either unfortunately painted over with metallic paint, or filled with unsculpted putty. There are large losses, loose bits and pieces, and actively flaking gesso on every side of the frame. A thick layer of surface dirt and grime certainly doesn’t help matters at all.

Treatment requires a surface cleaning, complete removal of all the old fills, and reduction or removal of all the old overpaint. Missing ornaments will be recast from existing elements, and losses will be filled and regilded. Finally, a protective wax coating will be applied over the surface of the entire frame, ensuring that this painting is gallery-ready.