A Dutch Officer in Blued Armor, 1646
Pieter Nason (Dutch, 1612–1688/90)
Oil on panel
Purchase, Museum Art Fund 1960.21

How much will it cost? $4,000


This sensitive portrait could be significantly improved after spending some time in the conservation laboratory. Right now, the aged varnish has gone completely opaque over the surface of the picture—it has zero sheen, and appears dull, uneven, and discolored. As a result, there is poor color saturation—it’s difficult to detect his uniform and hair against the dark background. Any sense of form has been significantly reduced, but the good news is that it can be corrected. We’ll remove the surface grime and discolored varnish, revealing the original paint layer. Losses and areas of abrasion will be inpainted, as necessary. A new, stable varnish will be applied with the goal of maximizing color saturation.

To improve and protect the overall artwork, we’ll replace the present glass with a non-reflective laminate.