The Painter and the Thief: A Virtual Speed Cinema Presentation

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The Painter and the Thief: A Virtual Speed Cinema Presentation
Directed by Benjamin Ree


Streaming begins Friday, May 22 AT 12:01 am

“A nuanced and beguiling new documentary about the various things we all take from one another.” —David Ehrlich, IndieWire

The creative process of art brings together a victim of a theft and the person who had taken irreplaceable possessions from her in this compelling documentary.

In 2015, two large oil paintings by the Czech artist Barbora Kysilkova were stolen from the Galleri Nobel in Oslo, Norway. As a talented emerging young artist she excelled in creating photorealistic paintings and was devastated when the two of her large works were stolen. The culprits were found within days, but not the paintings.  Despondent about the loss, Kysilkova made a provocative request of one of the criminals.  She requested for him to sit as the subject of a new painting to somehow make up for the ones that were lost.

Their sessions upend the tropes of artist and muse as they reveal much of themselves and ways that they can use this experience to make changes in their lives. This fascinating tale of restorative justice is one of the most compelling films of the year. Winner of the Special Jury Prize for Creative Storytelling at the Sundance Film Festival. 2020, Norway, in English and Norwegian with English subtitles, 102 minutes. Recommended for 16+.