Oh, Sun (Soleil Ô)

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Sunday Showcase

Oh, Sun (Soleil Ô)
Directed by Med Hondo

Sunday, January 30, 1 pm


“Bitterly insightful, artistically freewheeling.”—Richard Brody, The New Yorker

A furious howl of resistance against racist oppression, the debut from Mauritanian director Med Hondo is a bitterly funny, stylistically explosive attack on Western capitalism and the legacy of colonialism. Laced with deadly irony and righteous anger, Soleil Ô follows a starry-eyed immigrant (Robert Liensol) as he leaves West Africa and journeys to Paris in search of a job and cultural enrichment—but soon discovers a hostile society in which his very presence elicits fear and resentment.

Drawing on the freewheeling stylistic experimentation of the French New Wave, Hondo deploys a dizzying array of narrative and stylistic techniques—animation, docudrama, dream sequences, musical numbers, folklore, slapstick comedy, agitprop—to create a revolutionary landmark of political cinema and a shattering vision of awakening black consciousness. 1970, France/Mauritania, DCP, in French and Arabic with English subtitles, 102 minutes. Recommended for 16+.