Liquid Sky

Liquid Sky
Directed by Slava Tsukerman

Saturday, October 27, 4 pm

Androgynous New Wave model, Margaret, dreams of stardom and shares a downtown New York apartment with her girlfriend, an experimental musician and heroin dealer, Adrian. Unbeknownst to the couple, tiny aliens have come to Earth seeking heroin and are making a home on their roof. Realizing human dopamine is more satisfying than heroin, the aliens begin killing everyone Margaret has sex with in order to feed off their pleasure-providing neurons. Starring Anne Carlisle in a dual role as Margaret and Jimmy, Margaret’s drug-addicted model rival. Tsukerman’s Liquid Sky is an avant-garde, queer masterpiece and a telling depiction of 80’s New York. 1982, U.S., 4K DCP, 112 minutes. Rated R.

Deep in Vogue: Louisville’s Treasured Cinema

October 12 – 28

For over 20 years, the Vogue Theater was Louisville’s celebrated arthouse cinema with a plethora of screenings of classic Hollywood fare, foreign films, wild cult films, children’s matinees, American independent releases, and the ever-popular The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The cinema in St. Matthews packed houses and gave an informal film education to the region.

This fall marks the 20th anniversary since its closing and this series celebrates beloved films that played at the Vogue. In addition, there will be a display of ephemera from the Vogue preserved by former Vogue staff members and local cinema archivist David Conover.