Free Owsley Sunday Film: The Art of Recovery

Free Owsley Sundays

The Art of Recovery
Directed by Joanna Hay

Sunday, June 10, 12:30 pm


This short film documents a Kentucky community’s efforts to combat the devastation of the opioid epidemic and drug addiction through arts-centered programs. Once a week, as part of their drug court sentences, a group of women gather with a group of local artists to explore their sobriety and recovery through writing, drama, sculpture, and song.

The women explore new tools of self-expression in a safe environment, led by artist Doris Thurber, whose daughter died of a heroin overdose. This is a story of the struggle for sobriety which touches families in every community. 2017, U.S., video, 29 minutes.

The event also includes the sound installation If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes playing in the Speed Cinema lobby starting at noon throughout the afternoon. In the piece, Hay has woven the oral histories of the women involved in the project with the mournful line of her violin performance, playing an elongated melody by Caleb Cressman. The repetition of phrases and the drone of the score suggest the patterns of relapse and the generational impact of addiction.