Collective (Colectiv): A Virtual Speed Cinema Presentation

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Collective (Colectiv)
Directed by Alexander Nanau

Streaming from Friday, November 20


“One of the greatest movies about journalism ever made.”—Eric Kohn IndieWire

In recent years we’ve seen an eroding of the press, particularly in investigative journalism that challenges institutions.  This new documentary demonstrates the urgent need for a free press and it’s importance in providing challenges to hold leaders accountable for their actions.

After an explosive fire claims the lives of 27 people at Bucharest nightclub, Colectiv, officials reassure the public that surviving victims will receive care in facilities that are “better than in Germany.” Week later, a rising causality count leads intrepid reporters at the Sports Gazette to investigate.

Just as a crucial tip exposes Hexi Pharma, a local firm’s culpability, the firm’s owner dies under mysterious circumstances and the health minister quietly resigns amid the uproar–but this is only the first chapter in a thrilling, ever-twisting exposé.

Closely tracking the efforts of the Gazette team as they methodically discover layer upon layer of fraud and criminal malfeasance, Alexander Nanau’s Collective is a fast-paced, real-time detective story about truth, accountability and the value of an independent press during partisan times.

A selection of the DOC NYC Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and Sundance Film Festival. 2019, Romania, in Romanian and English with English subtitles, 109 minutes. Recommended for 16+.