Free Owsley Sunday Film: Appalshop at 50: Anne Braden: Southern Patriot

Appalshop at 50

Anne Braden: Southern Patriot
Directed by Anne Lewis and Mimi Pickering

Sunday, March 24, 12:30 pm


“A gem of a film, accented with a freedom fighter who speaks firsthand about carving a path through a traumatized, violent, racist South, to make way for one of the largest and most effective nonviolent movements for social change the world has ever seen.” —Joan Baez

Anne Braden: Southern Patriot is a first-person documentary about the extraordinary life of this American civil rights leader from Louisville. Braden was hailed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his 1963 Letter from Birmingham Jail as a white southerner whose rejection of her segregationist upbringing was “eloquent and prophetic.”

Ostracized as a “red” in the 1950s, she fought for an inclusive movement community and mentored three generations of social justice advocates. Braden’s story explores not only the dangers of racism and political repression but also the power of a woman’s life spent in commitment to social justice. 2012, U.S., video, 77 minutes. Recommended for 12+.

Followed by a post-screening discussion with co-director Mimi Pickering and Dr. Cate Fosl, Director of the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research, University of Louisville.

Appalshop at 50 is a year-long celebration of the non-profit organization based in Whitesburg, KY dedicated to production and presentation of the stories about Appalachia that commercial media doesn’t tell by challenging stereotypes, supporting grassroot efforts to achieve justice and equity, and celebrating cultural diversity. As part of the Speed’s celebration of the art of Kentucky, we will present work from Appalshop at one Owsley Free Sunday each month throughout 2019.