Women Artists | Louisville Voices

Women Artists | Louisville Voices

A collaboration between the Speed Art Museum and duPont Manual High School.


Listen to voices of women in the Louisville community as they give personal responses to artworks in this exhibition. Look for the headphones icon next to paintings that are included in this project.


Personal responses to specific paintings are listed below with the section title and timestamp.

The Art of Painting – Vian Sora selected In the Studio, 1891 by Marie Bashkirtseff  (1:33)

Lives of Women – Denise Furnish selected Dans le Bleu, 1894 by Amelie Beaury-Saurel (6:50)

Picturing Childhood – Erika Holmquist-Wall and her daughter, Sunniva, selected The Artist’s Daughter, Julie, with her Nanny, 1884 by Berthe Morisot (10:20)

A Modern Landscape – Joyce Ogden selected Evening, 1884-1888 by Marie Cazin (15:20)

The Question of History – Dr. Annette Powell selected The Tormented, 1905 by Virginie Demont-Breton (18:45)

Les Jeunes Filles – duPont Manual High School student, Sophie Lai, selected The Passing Train, 1890 by Marianne Stokes (22:12)


Special thanks to Dane Waters, Sara Louise Callaway and Jacob Duncan for giving permission to use their music in this project.

Interview Coordinator: Anna Alger, Gallery Teaching Coordinator at the Speed

Producer: Amber Thieneman, Teaching Programs Coordinator at the Speed


Interviews conducted, recorded, and edited by students in Mr. Kristafer Abplanalp’s class:

Amulya Anke Claire Johnstone Joey Schuster
Matthew Dentinger Liesl Lehenbauer Bailey Stumpf
Henry Escobar Drew Meinrs Madelyn Townson
Kate Frey Parker Mindel Ellie Wheatley
Samuel Frey Sterling Patillo Nicole White
Maddie Gamertsfelder Jenna Putt Cassidy Witt
Reece Gunther Raegan Reisert Michael Zirnheld
Ally Hanson Weslee Renolds
Kaelyn Harris Emily Riddl
Luke Hoskins Andrew Scaaf


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We encourage you to Slow Down at the Speed with our mindfulness podcast, and spend an extended length of time with one work of art. A collaboration with UofL Health Promotion. See the prompts here.