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Speed Museum - Art Detectives


Schools and Museums Share Common Goals

Art Detectives helps students answer essential questions and achieve learning goals. The program activities address primary skills and concepts in English Language Arts.

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There's an Adventure Waiting for You and Your Students

Speed Museum - Art DetectivesArt Detectives provides facilitated, one-hour long, programs targeted for kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Included in each crate:

  • Eight Art Objects
  • Hydro Thermographs
  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Calipers
  • Magnets
  • Flashlights

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Art Detectives Covers Topics Teachers Teach and Care About

Speed Museum - Art DetectivesArt Detective adventures are built around observation, skill-building, discussion, and writing. The program has three basic types of activities: knowledge, comprehension, and application. Presented by trained facilitators, the activities are used to share information with the students. These discussion based activities help identify shared knowledge about the objects in the crate.

Art Detectives comprehension activities informally test students’ understanding of the information they’ve just received and help to incorporate insights discovered and explored in the knowledge portion. Application activities are writing based.

Prompts guide students to produce writing samples that demonstrate and deepen their awareness and understanding of the information gleaned from the previous activities. With consent, the Speed Art Museum will publish some parts of the writings and all writing will be shared with the teacher.

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What does an Art Detectives Learning Adventure Look Like in the School?

Speed Museum - Art DetectivesThe adventure begins:
Two facilitators roll an interesting looking crate into the classroom and begin unpacking on the provided tables. Inside are eight works of art, numerous tools, and other items worth investigating. The art works are placed on numbered and annotated mats with tools set to the side. It’s a mystery game come to life in the classroom.

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Who are the Art Detective Facilitators?

Each adventure is led by two facilitators, recruited and trained by educators from The Speed Art Museum. Facilitators are lifelong learners who volunteer their time to share their curiosity and love of learning with students. Some have been Docents at The Speed Art Museum for many years. Having two facilitators for each classroom allows for small group discussion and more intense interactions.

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Looking Can Lead to "Adventures"

Looking is an everyday task but many people look without seeing. Learning to look efficiently and purposefully stimulates curiosity and feeds the imagination. Teachers can give students the gift of curiosity by booking an Art Detectives adventure.

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Results and Rewards: How does Art Detectives Fit with Your Curriculum?

We endeavored to create a program teachers will find worthy of their valuable time. Our goal is to provide a stimulating experience with a lasting positive impact on future learning.

Art Detectives is an unique way to provide classroom based activities related to speaking and listening standards.


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