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Videos from the Speed Art Museum

Video Teatime Chic: Ceramics 1900-1960

From bold and colorful to white and austere, the tea and coffee services displayed in “Teatime Chic” illustrate changing definitions of “modern” over the course of sixty years. The pieces proclaimed their owners’ modern sensibilities to those who joined them … Continue reading

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Video Wall Together: Come with Me

“Come With Me” is an exhibition of photographs and poems by students of the West End School, a private middle and elementary school for boys. As part of the project, the Speed Museum staff and volunteers worked with the students … Continue reading

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Video REMIX: Stephen Paul Day | Sibylle Peretti | The Leight Collection

REMIX, curated by artists Stephen Paul Day and Sibylle Peretti, brings contemporary glass and ceramic art to the gallery at Local Speed. This exhibition includes works from the extensive collection of Adele and Leonard Leight, and pieces created by Day … Continue reading

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Video Ché Rhodes on the Art of Glassmaking

Ché Rhodes, Associate Professor at the University of Louisville and glass artist, demonstrates the processes of glassblowing and glass casting at the Cressman Center. His knowledge and expertise brings context to the REMIX exhibition at Local Speed, the Speed Art … Continue reading

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Video Wall Together: Color Me Justice

Through the Wall Together program, the Speed Art Museum partners “with local art organizations or non-profits to engage community participation through art.” This exhibition at Local Speed features works created by girls of the Maryhurst school, an agency dedicated to … Continue reading

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