Video REMIX: Stephen Paul Day | Sibylle Peretti | The Leight Collection

REMIX, curated by artists Stephen Paul Day and Sibylle Peretti, brings contemporary glass and ceramic art to the gallery at Local Speed. This exhibition includes works from the extensive collection of Adele and Leonard Leight, and pieces created by Day and Peretti specifically for this exhibition. Here the Leights, Day, and Peretti delve into the Leight Collection and discuss the progression of glass as an art form.
REMIX is on display at Local Speed (822 East Market Street) from November 7, 2014 – February 21, 2015.

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Video Ché Rhodes on the Art of Glassmaking

Ché Rhodes, Associate Professor at the University of Louisville and glass artist, demonstrates the processes of glassblowing and glass casting at the Cressman Center. His knowledge and expertise brings context to the REMIX exhibition at Local Speed, the Speed Art Museum’s satellite gallery space.

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Video Wall Together: Color Me Justice

Through the Wall Together program, the Speed Art Museum partners “with local art organizations or non-profits to engage community participation through art.” This exhibition at Local Speed features works created by girls of the Maryhurst school, an agency dedicated to providing healing and care for children traumatized by abuse and neglect.

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Video Wall Together: Working Hands

Louisville organizations, The Cabbage Patch Settlement House and The Little Loomhouse, came together to create “Working Hands: A Modern Generation Explores the Ancient Craft of Textiles” in collaboration with the Speed Art Museum’s “Wall Together” project. The fiber arts curriculum from The Little Loomhouse was implemented at The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, where youth were taught a series of traditional skills using the combination of literature, historical background, and hands-on activities. These learning components helped students understand how people of other times and cultures used these artistic skills to meet practical needs while also finding personal expression.

Additionally, students learned about natural and synthetic dyes, gaining a full understanding to then dye the yarn used in their projects. This medium, both beautiful and practical, gave the youth the opportunity to connect with the tradition of fabric handcraft and participate in creating an exhibition of work that transcends time, language, and culture.

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, established in 1910, is a local, non-profit organization whose mission it is to equip and empower at-risk youth and their families to be self-sufficient and maximize their potentials.

Since 1939, The Little Loomhouse has provided textile and folk art education for all ages through the Lou Tate landmark home, a cultural destination of three historic cabins in South Louisville.

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Video Discovering the Earth: African Pottery From the Speed’s Collection

“Discovering the Earth: African Pottery from the Speed’s Collection” features 17 different pieces of pottery authentic to parts of Africa, spanning the continent from Nigeria to South Africa. The objects were donated to the Speed Art Museum by the Chicago based Douglas Dawson Gallery, which specializes in ancient and historic art from Africa, Asia and the Americas. The characteristic attribute all of the pieces share is that they are traditional hand-built earthenware.

“Discovering the Earth” explores the techniques used to create the timeless forms of pottery, and delves into how these ceramics were used and what significance these pieces had in society. This exhibition marks the first time that many of these objects, all from the Speed’s collection, will be on view to the public.

“Discovering the Earth” will be on display at Local Speed from August 1 to October 25, 2014.

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