Chinese, Eastern Han Dynasty
Tower, AD 25 ‑ 220
Glazed earthenware
32 1/4 × 16 in. (81.9 × 40.6 cm.)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Jouett Ross Todd, Justice and Mrs. Louis Brandeis, bequest from the Preston
Pope Satterwhite Collection, gift of Dr. Scott W. Cole, Mrs. Dulaney Logan, in memory of Mr.
Logan, Collection of the Speed Art Museum, gift of the William S. Kahnweiler Collection, presented by his wife, Mary Steele Tillman, gift of Miss Fanny Brandeis, Mr. Cale Young Rice, the estate of Miss Fanny Brandeis, Miss Jenny L. Robbins, Miss Mary C. Vance, Miss Anna Schollian, and Mrs. Clifford L. Alderson, by exchange  2003.13 a‑e