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Probably woven at the Beauvais Tapestry Manufactory, Beauvais, France or possibly woven at the Béhagle family workshop, Paris, France
Probably made under the direction of Philippe Béhagle (French, 1641 - 1705), 1692–1705, or under the direction of his widow and son, 1705-22
The Siege of Doesburg, 1692 -1722, wool, silk, silver and gilt metal wrapped threads.
Gift from the Preston Pope Satterwhite Collection
Conservation funded by Robert E. Kulp, Jr. and Margaret Barr Kulp, in memory of her parents, John McFerran Barr and Anita Carrington Barr, with additional Support from a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal agency 1947.25

Louis XIV, the longest reigning monarch in Europe was known as the Sun King and was regarded as almost god-like thanks to a propaganda effort that made use of many idealized images of the king. In this tapestry the young king heroically leads the siege of Doesburg. The battle took place during the Franco - Dutch War of 1672 – 78 when France quickly invaded and occupied most of the Netherlands. In this image, based on engravings by Sébastian Le Clerc, the extravagantly dressed king directs his commanders as they prepare to lay siege to the town.




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