Free Owsley Sunday Film: The Yes Men Are Revolting

Waterfront Botanical Gardens at Speed Cinema: Confronting Climate Change

Directed by Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno, and Laura Nix

Sunday, July 16, 1 pm

Free. First come, first served.

“Who said that a political film can’t be sweet, too?” —Nick Allen,

For two decades, the Yes Men have pulled off spectacular media hoaxes to expose corporate crimes. These pranksters have played on the gullible media’s lack of fact checking to launch elaborate, hilarious, and poignant protests and interventions unmasking unfair policies, greed, and threats to human existence. With their sights tuned to environmental concerns, they have a monumental task in front of them.

Now, these hilarious activists are approaching middle age, struggling to stay inspired in their fight against climate change. Can they get it together before the ice caps melt? 2014, U.S., video, 94 minutes. Rated R.

Co-presented with the Waterfront Botanical Gardens.