Free Owsley Sunday Film: Bright Leaf

Directed by Michael Curtiz

Sunday, July 23, 12:30 pm

Free. First come, first served.

Avarice, ambition, romance and revenge characterize this melodrama, set in the post-Civil War South, following the tumultuous rise and fall of a powerful tobacco magnate in North Carolina. Based on the 1949 novel of the same name by Foster Fitz-Simons, the title references a strain of tobacco grown in the area.

Tobacco families battle for dominance as the invention of the mechanized cigarette rolling machine sets to upend the traditional hand-rolling method. Fortunes are pitted against each other for dominance in this tale of property and propriety.

With Gary Cooper, Lauren Bacall, and Patricia Neal. 1950, U.S., video, 110 minutes. Recommended for 13+.

Screening in conjunction with the exhibition Southern Accent: Seeking the American South in Contemporary Art and related to the screening of the documentary Bright Leaves on July 30.