Beggars of Life

Louise Brooks: 2K Silent Restorations

Beggars of Life
Directed by William A. Wellman

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Saturday, July 15, 7 pm

Sunday, July 16, 3 pm

“Considered one of Brooks’ best American films.” —Thomas Gladysz, Huffington Post

This American film showcases Brooks’ timeless beauty, her striking modernity and the depth of her talent. While co-star Wallace Beery received top billing, it’s Brooks who captivated the camera.

Threatened by her abusive stepfather, Brooks plays a young woman who has to resort to violence to defend herself. She is luminous as a freight-train hopping runaway who dresses in a disguise of a flat cap and trousers to elude capture by the police. She rides the rails through a threatening, male-dominated world of drifters in which danger is always close at hand. New score by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra. 1928, U.S., DCP, 100 minutes. Recommended for 13+.